Revealed: GOP lawmaker's aide supplied gun to militia nut at Trump protest
(Photo: Shutterstock)

Angela Roman, a legislative aide to Republican Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman, seems to still be employed despite pleading guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge this week.

The Oregonian reports that Roman spent four days in jail for making an illegal gun transfer when she handed her weapon to Matthew Heagy, a member of the Oregon Three Percenters militia who cannot legally carry a gun due to a past felony conviction.

Roman, who is also a member of the Oregon Three Percenters, gave her weapon to Heagy when the two were attending a demonstration at the Oregon State Capitol that featured both supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump.

"Heagy was acting as security for the Three Percenters protesters," The Oregonian writes. "He was arrested at the demonstration after pepper spraying a state trooper and was found to have Roman's gun."

Roman's attorney tells The Oregonian that Heagy misrepresented himself when asking Roman for her gun, and he said his client "acted in good faith" during her interactions with him.

Rep. Nearman told the publication that Roman was still on his staff even after charges against her were filed.