'Trump has herpes': Hackers break into California road sign
Hacked road sign in California (Photo: Screen capture)

Those driving down the I-80 last night saw a new message from a Caltrans sign that appears to have been hacked.

“Trump Has Herpes,” the message flashed according to Goodday Sacramento FM.

It appeared eastbound on the interstate near the exit for the University of California Davis campus. It has since been repaired but it certainly isn't the first time it has happened. Messages have ranged from political to pop-culture notes to absurd instructions for motorists.

"Sorry Mario, the princess is in another castle," one 2009 hacked road sign read. Another instructed drivers "f*ck it -- park wherever." Another anti-Trump sign was spotted in Dallas in 2016 warning citizens, "Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard."

Many sites proport to instruct hackers how they too can hack signs, though doing so can result in an arrest as it can endanger drivers if the proper message isn't displayed to warn motorists. Caltrans said that their signs are protected with a password, so they're looking into how it was hacked.

Watch the full report below: