‘He wants people to get fat’: Internet wonders why Trump nixed Obama-era WH bike share station
Unidentified woman riding a Capital Bikeshare bicycle in front of the United States Capitol, photo courtesy of Bikeshare's Facebook page.

President Donald Trump's administration has removed a nine-slot Bikeshare station at the White House, The Washington Post reports.

"It’s unclear why the White House wanted it removed," The Post noted. "The White House didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment."

“We got the request to remove it, and we honored that request,” said Terry Owens, spokesman for the District’s Department of Transportation.

The Bikeshare system has 3,700 bicycles and 440 stations through the greater DC area.

Capital Bikeshare users average saving $631 per year on personal travel cost, meaning the removal of the 9-slot station could cost White House staff $5,679 in increased transportation expenditures.

With the White House refusing to answer why they are hurting their employees in such a manner, the internet was quick to fill the void with speculation and commentary: