Jeffrey Lord in talks with Breitbart two weeks after CNN firing over Nazi salute: report
Jeffrey Lord (Photo: Screen capture)

Looks like tweeting a Nazi salute isn't a dealbreaker for Breitbart.

According to The Daily Beast, the alt-right's flagship website is in talks with pro-Trump pundit Jeffrey Lord. Less than two weeks ago, CNN fired Lord from his regular panelist position after he tweeted "Sieg Heil" at Media Matters' Angelo Carusone during a heated exchange between the two.

The Beast also noted that Steve Bannon, who was President Donald Trump's chief strategist and is now back at Breitbart after his firing last week, called Lord to express his support after CNN sacked him earlier this month.

"Two sources familiar with the situation tell The Daily Beast that, post-firing, Breitbart reached out to Lord regarding writing for the site, for a contributorship or a potentially steadier job," the report noted.