Kentucky neo-Nazis plan secret rally where they'll have a safe space from protesters
Neo-Nazis at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville (Rodney Dunning/Flickr)

White nationalists and neo-Nazis have run into a problem recently: Their public rallies are being met by furious counter-demonstrations where they find themselves vastly outnumbered.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that some white nationalists in Kentucky think they've found a way around this -- plot secret demonstrations that won't give their opponents time to organize.

Matthew Heimbach, chairman of a white-nationalist group called the Traditionalist Worker Party, tells the Herald-Leader that his organization is planning a "flash" demonstration against the removal of Confederate monuments in Lexington. He would not publicly reveal the demonstration's time, date, or location, because doing so would likely mean getting swamped with anti-racism activists within the city.

"The change in plan might help avoid a repeat of the angry, violent clashes between white supremacists and counter-demonstrators that have happened elsewhere recently," the publication notes. "This weekend, a 'free speech rally' planned in Boston was canceled after a reported 40,000 counter-protesters marched through downtown."

Police in Lexington say they have received no word of when any event will take place, although they discourage counter-demonstrators from protesting in the same place as the white nationalists to avoid outbreaks of violence.