Michael Flynn admits he accidentally 'omitted' thousands in payments from shady tech firm in disclosure
Michael Flynn (MSNBC/screen grab)

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn revealed some of his sources of income that he had previously omitted during his public financial filing, according to an Associated Press report.

A person close to Flynn confirmed that Flynn was forced to amend his financial disclosure after he "forgot" to include income from the Trump transition and a data analysis company that helped the 2016 campaign. The firm, SCL Group, has come under fire in recent months when it was discovered that CEO Alexander Nix was using "dirty tricks" for both Trump and the Brexit vote.

The company ultimately entered into a relationship with Cambridge Analytica, a shadowy tech firm connected to Trump megadonor Robert Mercer. Cambridge Analytica previously employed senior White House advisor Steve Bannon and is angling for some cush government contracts.

Flynn's amended report revealed about $28,000 from the Trump transition and more than $5,000 consulting for a plan to build nuclear power plants all over the Middle East. While he has disclosed in the past that he worked for the clients, he never reported receiving money from them.

The new amendment also includes consulting work for NJK Holding Corporation, which is a firm headed by Nasser Kazeminy, a wealthy Iranian-American who was the source of an attempted $100,000 donation under the table to former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN). Coleman was ultimately indicted and lost his election to Sen. Al Franken.

Flynn “played an advisory role to NJK Holding relative to its investment interests in security,” NJK said in a statement to the AP. The statement claimed that he “provided his counsel and guidance on public sector business opportunities for secure communications technology within the U.S. Department of Defense” as well as other agencies.

It's unclear why Flynn forgot to include the information.