Mike Huckabee: If General Lee statues come down then Mt. Rushmore is next
David Asman speaks to Mike Huckabee (Fox Business/screen grab)

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) asserted this week that the so-called political correctness driving the removal of Civil War statues will eventually also destroy national monuments like Mr. Rushmore.

While speaking to Fox Business on Wednesday, Huckabee defended President Donald Trump claim that "both sides" -- white supremacists and liberal activists -- were to blame for recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"Watch the videotape," Huckabee told Fox Business host David Asman. "The white supremacists -- who I despise and I think are absolutely evil, let me make that clear -- were they fighting themselves? If they weren't, who were they fighting? And were those other people fighting back? Were both sides of this conflict swinging fists and clubs?"

"If they were," he continued, "then what Donald Trump said is true."

Asman and Huckabee agreed that removing Confederate monuments was a slippery slope because America's founders -- like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson -- had also owned slaves.

"Jefferson was not only a slave owner, but he had sexual relationships with slaves and children with slaves," Huckabee remarked. "So if we're going to be consistent, I don't know what monuments we have left. I think pretty much all of Mr. Rushmore goes down. Quite frankly, and this is not easily known, Abraham Lincoln in his private writings said some things that were pretty doggone racist. Where do we stop? We don't!"

Huckabee, however, said that he could not defend the president's claim that "fine people" were marching with neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville.

"I don't think he was well prepared to go out there and engage those reporters," Huckabee suggested. "And he did not comport himself well in some of the things that he said, which appeared to be off the cuff. So, I don't want to try to defend the indefensible."

Asman concluded by smearing Democrats and socialists for no apparent reason.

"By the way, the KKK used to be a Democratic outfit and the Nazis are national socialists," he opined. "So they go pretty far away from conservative principles."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.