Olbermann: To everyone still making excuses for Trump, here's a handy list -- it's from 1973
Keith Olbermann (YouTube)

On Friday, Keith Olbermann revived a 1973 column by satirist Art Buchwald called "Handy Excuses for Nixon Backers" which gave a list of rote responses supporters of Richard Nixon could use to deflect pointed questions about the Watergate scandal.

The words Buchwald wrote on July 12 of that tumultuous summer sound eerily like the list of excuses President Donald Trump's supporters use to defend their continued support of a president who can't even summon the moral fortitude to wholeheartedly condemn neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

"In homage and gratitude to Buchwald's great political insight," Olbermann said, "I will now read this column."

In fact, the list sounds eerily familiar.

From Snopes.com:

3 – A President can’t keep track of EVERYTHING his staff does.

4 – The press is blowing this whole thing up.

5 – Whatever Nixon did was for national security.

10 – If you impeach Nixon, you get [Vice President Spiro] Agnew.

14 – People would be against Nixon no matter what he did.

28 – I’m sick and tired of hearing about Watergate and so is everyone else.

A growing chorus of voices has been calling for Trump to resign -- including former Vice President Al Gore -- in the wake of his egregious mishandling of the administration's response to the deadly violence in Charlottesville, VA last week.

Watch the video, embedded below: