'Our civil rights are being violated': White supremacists melt down after Airbnb cancels their accounts
Richard Spencer (V@s/Flickr)

After realizing that some of their listings in Charlottesville, Virginia were being rented out to white supremacists attending a rally headlined by Richard Spencer, Airbnb decided to cancel those accounts. In response, a bunch of alt-right Twitter users decided to boycott them.

According to BuzzFeed News, the room rental company began deactivating accounts of hosts they believe are "are booking units to host gatherings" related to the "Unite the Right" rally. The rally, scheduled for Saturday, August 12, is to be held in the same park that's hosted multiple rallies in defense of a statue of Confederate army leader Robert E. Lee, including one in July led by the KKK.

"Anybody who is not just in the alt-right, but who is conservative, right-wing or cares about civil liberties should start boycotting Airbnb. Airbnb are cancelling people's reservations to stay in Charlottesville ... based on political ideology," Jason Kessler, one of the white supremacists organizing the rally, said in a video.

"We are having our civil rights violated," Kessler said of the Airbnb crackdown.

This isn't the first time the company has punished users whose bigotry violates their community standards agreement. Last month, Airbnb ordered a racist host to pay out $5,000 to a guest she barred from her residence after discovering the woman is Asian.

Check out the alt-right's Twitter meltdown about Airbnb's white supremacist crackdown below.