Standing with a defender of Nazis and white supremacists doesn't tend to look good when non-profit groups are attempting to raise money from wealthy Floridians.

Since President Donald Trump began an alarming defense of the so-called alt-right in Charlottesville, Virginia, charities and organizations have been canceling or moving their events away from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. According to an updated list from the Palm Beach Daily News, 16 total charities have pulled away so far. There are five groups that have agreed to stay, are still trying to decide or the paper hasn't reached out yet. They note, however, that they intend to keep the list updated, which you can see here.

The five groups who have agreed to keep their events at Trump's resort are: The Achilles Freedom Team, the Bethesda Hospital Foundation Women of Grace luncheon, the Kravis Center wine auction a MorseLife luncheon (not a fundraiser) and the Palm Beach Police Foundation ball.

So far, the rest of the groups that are out stretch from the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia and Lymphoma gala, the Autism Project, Salvation Army even Susan G. Komen decided to pull out as well as the American Humane Association Hero Dogs and many more. The list continues to grow.