CNN national security analyst and Associate Dean of Yale Law School and former FBI agent Asha Rangappa said on Saturday that the decision by Special Counsel Bob Mueller's team to focus on President Donald Trump's financial deals with Russia stretching back years does not bode well for the White House.

With regards to specific papers regarding the brief tenure of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, Rangappa said, "They probably honed in on a crime or some set of crimes that they want to get more information on. They're probably looking for any kind of communications" about possible payments to individuals associated with Flynn and his connections to Russians.

"The new grand jury is an indication that this is expanding," she continued. "This is probably still in the early stages. It would be normal at this point to collect more evidence, so they want possibly financial records, they want people to come in and testify under oath to get more information and they're going to use that to proceed. So this is going to be one stage of many as I explained to some people, if this were a TV drama, this might be Episode 4. So, stay tuned. There's more coming."

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