'That's just not reality': Sociologist says liberals and conservatives are far from 'equally violent'
Sociologist Randy Blazak (Portland State University)

On Saturday, sociologist Randy Blazak -- a specialist in white supremacist groups and political violence -- ripped President Donald Trump's attempt to blame "all sides" for the violence that killed one protester in Charlottesville, VA and injured more than a dozen others.

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera asked Blazak if there is "a correct or incorrect way to talk about these hate groups?"

"There is," Blazak said. "It's not fair to equate both sides of the debate as equally invested in some type of a dominant narrative or they're equally violent. There is a group that is trying to turn back the clock, and I think the problem is when we see two sides of the same coin, the anti-fascist and fascist as locked in this combat."

Furthermore, he said, "I think the alt-right is trying to hijack the discussion about who is the victim in American history. For them it's white men and that's not just the reality."

Watch the video, embedded below: