Trump’s ‘3 am phone call’ is coming — and his response ‘should terrify us all’: GOP strategist
President Donald Trump (AFP Photo/SAUL LOEB)

So far, the crises that President Donald Trump has faced while in office have all been of his own making.

However, Republican strategist Rick Wilson warns that is going to change -- and he says the way the Trump administration so far has responded to its own self-inflicted crises should "terrify us all."

"Crisis tests the mental acuity and character of presidents," he writes in the Daily Beast. "It demands a degree of focus and reveals character like nothing else."

Unfortunately for the United States, writes Wilson, our current president seems completely ill equipped to handle a Cuban missile crisis, a housing market crash, or a 9/11-style terrorist attack.

"What we know of Donald Trump is that he lacks all of these characteristics, and while some of his advisers have shining parts, he ignores those who offer him counsel on how to behave, govern, and lead as a president," he explains. "The Scaramucci sideshow was one more example of how deeply unready Trump is for a real crisis and how at risk our nation is because the president is temperamentally (and, let’s be real, mentally) unfit to serve."

So what should we do when an inevitable external crisis arises? Wilson says we should hope for the best -- while expecting the worst.

"The way Trump governs himself when America isn’t under overt attack should sober you," he says. "The prospect of how he’ll respond when we are should terrify us all."