Venues across the country are banning white nationalist events after Charlottesville violence
Peter Cvjetanovicm (Twitter)

White nationalists across the country are scrambling to find spaces for their events because many venues have banned them in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On Wednesday, the University of Florida announced that it had banned white nationalist Richard Spencer, who reportedly wanted to rent space for a September event.

In a statement, the university cited security concerns over the violence in Charlottesville. But Spencer's group has promised to sue.

Spencer is also threatening to sue Texas A&M University for cancelling a September 11 event over concerns that police do not have enough resources if violence breaks out.

Media Matters reported on Wednesday that Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado would no longer host the white nationalist VDare conference

“Cheyenne Mountain Resort will not be hosting the VDARE Foundation in April of next year," resort owner Benchmark Resorts & Hotels said in a statement. "We remain committed to respecting the privacy of guests at the resort.”

The cancellations come after the governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency, shutting down all white nationalist marches until further notice.