WATCH: CNN reporter drops mic to save man from truck being swept away by Harvey waters
CNN reporter and crew rescue Texas man (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN reporter Drew Griffin was about to do his morning report from Beaumont, Texas when he and his team saw a man turn from a street into a flooded bayou thinking it was a road. The crew dropped everything, grabbed a rope and ran to get the man out of his truck.

As the crew pulled Jerry Sumrall to safety, the truck quickly was swept away by the rushing flood waters.

"It happens within seconds!" Griffin said. "It's so dangerous right now to be out."

The camera captured Griffin and Sumrall as they breathlessly walked back toward a hotel where they were taking refuge. "This is too much of a time for you to be interviewed," Griffin can be overheard saying. "I just want you to -- you doing alright? Your heart doing, OK? You're alive, sir. You're alive. Why don't you just step out of the rain for a second."

Griffin then walks back to the camera to continue his interview with host John Berman.

"John, this literally just happened," Griffin said, before beginning his report. "There was no time to call 911. He was floating down this ravine.

The man ultimately came back and said to the camera that the men saved his life and he was grateful. He explained he was from Winnie, Texas, which he said was getting hit pretty hard by the rains.

This isn't the first time reporters have jumped in to help. One CNN reporter worked to reunite one man with his father. Another helped save a family from rushing flood waters and a fast-thinking Houston TV crew saved a drowning trucker’s life.

Watch the full video below:

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