'We've still got Duck and Cover!': Twitter is laughing to keep from screaming about nuclear war
Dozens of fallout shelters remain in America's biggest city but many New Yorkers are clueless as to their significance (AFP Photo/EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ)

New York magazine ran a story on Thursday reporting that the bomb shelter business is booming -- so to speak -- as Americans lose faith in our leaders' ability to avert nuclear war.

And while nonproliferation activist Jeffrey Lewis told the San Francisco Chronicle that in the world after a nuclear attack that "the survivors would envy the dead" and wish they'd died as well, plenty of people, apparently, are shelling over their hard-earned dollars to build concrete-reinforced, windowless underground rooms.

Twitter users responded with a mix of gallows humor and genuine horror that the specter of nuclear annihilation could be returning to haunt the world again.