'Did they rape you?' Armed right-wing militia surround and verbally assault counter-protester at DC rally
Antifa counter-protester Lacy MacAuley surrounded by Proud Boys shouting "did they rape you?" Image via screengrab.

New video from the alt-right's "Mother of All Rallies" last weekend in D.C. shows an anti-fascist activist surrounded by members of the armed right-wing "Proud Boys" militia, one of whom repeatedly shouted "Did they rape you?" at her.

The video, posted by Daily Kos' Rod Webber, shows antifa activist Lacy MacAuley being pushed by a man, who she then yells back at.

She was then escorted out by capitol security, but not before a man Webber identified as a pro-Trump Proud Boy repeatedly yelled "How was Turkey? Did they rape you?"

You can watch the video of the scene, and others at the event, below via Daily Kos.