'Disgusting and reprehensible': GOP pundit scorched for minimizing Trump's violent tweets as 'jokes'
Andre Bauer, Boris Sanchez and Robert Zimmerman on CNN (Screen capture)

Former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (R) got brought up short by Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman on CNN Sunday evening when he said everyone needs to lighten up about President Donald Trump's violent tweets.

Anchor Boris Sanchez was leading a discussion about President Donald Trump's Sunday morning tweet-storm in which he retweeted a juvenile video showing himself striking Hillary Clinton to the ground with a golf ball.

"I'm thinking when did America lose its sense of humor?" Bauer said. "I think he maybe should have used more club. He's a billionaire. He's married a supermodel. He's now Presbyterian. He's always done it his way and at 71 years old, I got a news flash for you, he ain't changing."

"That's not good enough, Andre, and you're better than that. We should all be outraged the idea of normalizing violence in any capacity," said Zimmerman.

"Oh, come on," protested Bauer.

"He's not just a 71-year-old billionaire, he's a president of the United States," Zimmerman said.

"What's more disgusting and reprehensible is that his wife Melania is supposed to be leading a program against cyberbullying," he continued. "He's setting a terrible example for young people. If he were a child in any public school, he'd be pulled aside and spoken to and his parents would be called in."

Watch the video, embedded below: