'Does he have a clue where Alabama is?': Internet gobsmacked by 'completely babbling' Trump at Strange rally
Trump at Alabama Rally (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump pulled out a Southern accent to talk about Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange during Friday's meeting.

The president trotted out some of his standard crowd pleasers including blasting former rival Hillary Clinton, leading to a chant of "lock her up." Trump told the audience they'd have to talk to Attorney General Jeff Sessions about that. It's unclear if Trump has asked his AG that same question as his boss.

Trump also told the audience that 17 million people sought shelter after the hurricane. Alabama's total population is just over 4 million people. Trump even took a moment to bash John McCain, saying that the Arizona senator campaigned on "repeal and replace" like other Republicans and should be voting for the GOP bill.

Even Trump's own voters are still undecided or are leaning against Strange, according to a Ben Jacobs tweet outside of the rally.

Still, the internet found many of his comments absolutely absurd or irrational. Here are their own jokes and observations of Trump: