'He'd take a bullet for Trump': Journalist says Cohen will probably lie to Senate and protect his boss
Mother Jones journalist David Corn (Screen capture)

Journalist David Corn of Mother Jones magazine said on Sunday that observers should expect President Donald Trump's aide Michael Cohen to be less-than-honest in his testimony on Tuesday to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Instead, Corn suggested the real story will be in the documents seized from Cohen in the investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Well, Cohen has said he'd take a bullet for Donald Trump," said Corn. "If you're going to take a bullet for Trump that may mean you may not testify fully about anything you know about Donald Trump."

He continued, "I would look at anything that Michael Cohen said with a tremendous degree of skepticism and really care more about documents he might produce. If you're going to subpoena his phone records and travel records and bank records -- you know, get the e-mails he had with Felix Sater and others and I put more credence on that."

An aide as devoted as Cohen, Corn said, "will do whatever it takes to protect Donald Trump."

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