‘He's not pivoting, he’s just crazy’: Olbermann torches pipe dream that Trump will become presidential
GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann (Facebook)

Broadcaster Keith Olbermann was visibly frustrated for D.C. political media's two year expectation of a "pivot" to normalcy from Donald Trump.

"Another day; another Trump pivot -- that wasn't" the host of GQ's The Resistance began.

"American political media, unable to shake itself of the narrow walls within which it has operated for decades ... has been telling us, since the day he announced his candidacy to take over the government, that Trump is changing," Olbermann reminded. "Wrong again!"

Olbermann then listed some of the terms political media use to describe hopes of a Trump pivot, from “Trump is changing” to he's “moving to the center” to he “will certainly become presidential and stay presidential — next time."

"Nope!" Olbermann concluded. "He's just crazy."

"This whole unprecedented disaster isn't just going to go back to normal all by itself," Olbermann explained to reporters anxiously awaiting the long-predicted pivot.

"It's simple," Olbermann explained. "No, Trump is not pivoting, he's just crazy."

Olbermann is author of the book, Trump is F*cking Crazy