'I'm having a hard time even talking': CNN reporter's face takes beating from Irma as she clings to concrete
CNN's Sara Sidner reports on Hurricane Irma from Daytona Beach (screen grab)

CNN's Sara Sidner may have had the toughest job of any of the network's reporters early Monday morning as she tried to report despite hurricane-force winds that deformed her face as she talked.

The network tossed to Sidner in Dayton Beach, where she was hanging on to a piece of concrete with one hand and holding a microphone in the other. But Sidner's report was overtaken by the force of Irma's winds.

"The winds are incredibly strong," Sidner shouted. "They are incredibly ferocious. The strongest winds that we have seen since we have been here on the beach."

As Sidner spoke, her grip on the concrete barrier appeared to become more tenuous.

"I'm having a hard time even talking to you because the wind is pushing on my face so hard," she explained. "I'm holding on to a very strong concrete wall and we are standing on the Hilton Hotel as the gusts just blast away at Daytona Beach."

"It is an incredible amount of wind for a human being to stand up in," the reporter added. "I'm a big strong lady and it's definitely hard to stand straight up because of the wind shear."

Watch the video below.