'It's not human behavior': CNN analyst blisters Trump's anti-Puerto Rico tweets
A CNN panel discusses Trump's tweets about San Juan's mayor and Puerto Rico (Screen capture)

White House correspondent to Playboy magazine and CNN political analyst Brian Karem said on Saturday that President Donald Trump's attacks on Puerto Rico and the mayor of San Juan aren't just un-presidential, "It's not human behavior."

Mediaite.com said that Fredericka Whitfield was hosting a panel about the Trump administration's attempts to defray the blame for the chaotic and slow-moving federal response to Hurricane Maria.

"I think what we're all circling around here," said CNN media analyst and "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter, "is that it's just not presidential behavior."

"It's not human behavior," said Karem. "I’m sorry. It’s just not human behavior. These people are suffering. Why don’t we get together and help them? It’s not right or left. It’s people. American people.”

Watch the video, embedded below: