Manafort still lobbying for foreign interests despite being under investigation: report
Paul Manafort appears on 'Morning Joe' (Photo: Screen cap)

Despite being under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, federal agencies and Congressional panels in their Russian election meddling probes, a new report by the New York Times revealed that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been lobbying for Kurdish independence from Iraq.

According to the report, Manafort has been working for groups allied with the leader of the country's Kurdish minority and is helping to "administer and promote a referendum on Kurdish independence from Iraq."

Manafort has continued lobbying for foreign interests despite probes into his past international dealings -- specifically, his work lobbying for Ukranian groups that led to him being forced to register as a foreign agent.

Manafort's lobbying on behalf of Kurdish independence (a movement opposed by the U.S. government) "appears to have been initiated this summer around the time that federal authorities working for Mr. Mueller raided Mr. Manafort’s home in Virginia and informed him that they planned to indict him," the report notes.