McMaster shreds last of his credibility translating Trump tweet: 'Rocket man appears to be' Kim Jong-un
H.R. McMaster speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

For the second time in a week, National security adviser H.R. McMaster was forced to interpret one of President Donald Trump's tweets about international threats.

Trump on Sunday referred to someone as "Rocket Man" in a tweet about North Korea's nuclear program.

"I assume rocket man is Kim Jong-un?" ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked McMaster on Sunday.

"Well, it's -- it appears to be so," McMaster speculated. "That is where the rockets and missiles are coming from, is North Korea."

On Friday, McMaster was asked to decode one of Trump's tweets suggesting that Scotland Yard knew of the recent terrorist attack in London but failed to stop it. But McMaster tried to walk back that interpretation, insisting that Trump was talking about all law enforcement agencies.

“I think he means generally,” the adviser insisted to skeptical White House correspondents.

Watch the video below.