'Never forget our heroes -- except John McCain': Internet torches Trump for hypocritical POW proclamation
Sen. John McCain (R), Donald Trump -- AFP/Gage Skidmore via Flickr

On Friday, President Donald Trump declared September 15 "Nation POW/MIA Recognition Day" in honor of American veterans who were captured during battle or are missing in action.

There's only one problem -- in 2015, while he was on the campaign trail, Trump bashed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for being a prisoner of war.

"[McCain's] a war hero cause he was captured!” Trump said at a July 2015 rally in the senator's home state, Arizona. “I like people that weren’t captured."

On Friday, along with a link to the White House statement about POW/MIA day, Trump tweeted that we should "NEVER forget our HEROES held prisoner or who have gone missing in action while serving their country."

MSNBC called the president's new tune about POWs "awkward" given his past remarks, and others joined in.

"Never forget Donald Trump's declaration that he likes heroes that weren't 'caught,' when referring to John McCain," one Twitter user wrote.

Others still reminded the president of his reputation as a "draft-dodger" for claiming he could not be enlisted due to bone spurs when he was of drafting age.

"From the chief draft dodgers mouth," another Twitter user wrote. "Trump was too chicken to serve."

Check out some of the best reactions below.