Shocking video shows ICE agents harassing US citizens in ‘clear case of racial profiling’
ICE agents accost two US citizens outside the Washington County Courthouse in Oregon (Screen cap).

A shocking video shows Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents harassing American citizens outside of an Oregon courthouse in what critics are calling a "clear case of racial profiling."

The Oregonian reports that Isidro Andrade-Tafolla and his wife were leaving the Washington County Courthouse when they were approached by a man and a woman who emerged from a nearby van and asked him for his identification.

"They never identified themselves even when my wife and I kept asking who they were and why they wanted my information," Andrade-Tafolla explained to The Oregonian.

Andrade-Tafolla refused to give the agents his ID, but he did tell them his name. They then took out a photo of a man who was allegedly an undocumented immigrant, and told Andrade-Tafolla they believed he was the man in the photo.

The couple tried to explain to the agent that Andrade-Tafolla was not the man in the photo, but they insisted that he was. At this time, multiple cars swarmed around the couple and eight other people emerged from them, including one man wearing an ICE vest.

The man in the ICE vest approached the couple, looked at the photo, and informed his agents that they'd gotten the wrong man.

"That's not him, let's get out of here," the agent said.

The Oregon chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said that the incident was a "clear case of racial profiling" and said that "ICE can't just go around stopping anyone who looks Latino and asking them to show their papers."

Watch the video below.