South Dakota GOP secretary of state purges voters as she runs for Congress -- and most of them are Democrats
Shantel Krebs (South Dakota Secretary of State's office)

South Dakota Republican Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, who is running for a U.S. congressional seat, has effectively invalidated 3 percent of registered voters in the state -- and the large majority of them are Democrats.

The Dakota Free Press reported that although the total number of voters had increased to 597,856 between the general election and June 2017, that number is now falling due to the voter purge.

"Thus, in three months, the Secretary of State managed to scrub 3.06% of the names on the voter rolls," the Free Press explained. "Looking just at Active voters and using the 2.14% August purge rate as the baseline, Democrats got purged harder than Republicans."

In August alone, 2.63 percent of purged voters were registered as Democrats, 1.87 percent were Republican and 2.01 percent were independents.

The Free Press compared the current party breakdown to 2009 and the results were staggering. Overall, 20 percent of those removed from the voter rolls were Democrats, while Republican registrations increased by 2 percent and independents surged by over 40 percent.

The Secretary of State is a Republican running for Congress," the Dakota Free Press' Cory Allen Heidelberger observed. "When she pulls up the list of voters whom the state hasn’t heard from for a while, it wouldn’t be hard to sort that list by party and start with the Democrats first."

Krebs recently came under fire after she was forced to remove the image of a Confederate flag from her official web page. Watch the video below.