‘Thanks for watching, Ted’: Internet goes bonkers after GOP’s Cruz gives thumbs-up to porn account
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appears on ABC (Photo: screen grab)

Sen. Ted Cruz (or someone with access to his personal social media account) on Monday took a break from his evangelical Bible-thumpingPrincess Bride-quoting pastime to “like” a very NSFW video on Twitter.

The 1-minute-and-42-second clip ignited the Internet early Tuesday morning as users marveled at the “family values” poster child tipping his hat to some good, old fashioned porn. Cruz, a veritable finger-wagging conservative who once defended a ban on dildos, did not issue a statement after taking down the video. But Catherine Frazier, his senior communications adviser, took to Twitter shortly after to assure people the “like” was not triggered by her boss’s own hands.

“The offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter,” Frazier wrote.

Unfortunately for Cruz, and fortunately for everyone else, the Internet kept the receipts.

@Sexuallposts, the account inadvertently “liked” by the senator from the great state of Texas, even “thanked” Cruz for finding their clip worthy of his time.

And they were hardly the only ones having fun at his expense. Read some amazing posts below, via Twitter: