'There's racial injustice going on': Black women at Fox town hall demolish two white men opposing NFL protests
Kish Hebbon and Sean Parnell appear on Fox News (screen grab)

A Fox News town hall event took a turn on Tuesday when two black women schooled several white men about the social and racial injustice that NFL players are protesting by kneeling during the national anthem.

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt began her discussion with the panel by playing a clip of Hillary Clinton before turning to professor Wendy Osefo.

"She's saying it is about race," Earhardt noted. "Do you agree and why?"

"We have to look at the facts," Osefo replied. "The facts are Donald Trump has only attacked black athletes."

"There's also the Confederate flag, which has also been divisive, and he has not made comments about that," she added. "So let's start having that discourse and that conversation."

Conservative former NFL player Chris Valletta, who is white, called the protests "misguided."

"A protest during the national anthem is a protest against the very thing that allows you to protest in the first place," he opined. "It is a misguided protest."

Political science professor Jeanne Zaino scolded Earhardt for making the discussion into an attack on Clinton.

"You started with this clip of Hillary Clinton using terms like dog whistle and I call out the president on the same kind of language," she said. "As opposed to the president coming out and using terms that I can't use on TV, why doesn't he engage in a conversation and lead by example?"

Black attorney Kish Hebbon, who was sitting between two white Trump supporters, argued that kneeling during the anthem is more effective form of protest than rioting.

"And just because you are paid millions of dollars as an athlete doesn't mean you can't exercise your constitutional right to freedom of expression," she explained. "And I think that it's effective because look at how much attention this has received from the media, from the government. And I think the president does not have the right to tell these private entities to fire someone just because just for exercising their constitutional rights."

Retired Army Ranger Sean Parnell interrupted: "What is this protest all about? It was first about racial inequality and then it was about police brutality. And now what? They are all locking arms protesting Donald Trump."

"We need to look at how do we address these problems?" Hebbon shot back. "African-Americans in the community want to be heard! There's racial injustice going on."

"There are other ways to address these problems," Valletta complained. "There are things you can do outside of taking a knee that will be much more of a legacy building for these athletes whose careers will be over by the time they're 27."

Watch the video below.