'This girl didn't defeat me!': InfoWars reporter defensively insists he didn't lose debate with a young girl
A young girl and InfoWars reporter Owen Shroyer (Screen cap).

Owen Shroyer, the InfoWars reporter who got famously cussed out by a young girl this week after he mistook her for a boy, defensively insisted that he didn't lose any argument with her.

Shroyer said that people who mocked him for being cursed at by a young girl were depraved individuals who had no sense of decency.

"They're all saying -- and, of course, they understand that this girl didn't defeat me in any debate -- but the left is just literally lifting this girl up as a hero," he said. "And it's just really sad to me. And then they're making fun of me, like, 'Oh, Owen Shroyer was so shocked!' Yeah, that's shocking! When a young girl comes up to your and curses at you!"

He then went on to call the girl a "vitriolic, petulant child that has no discipline."

The video of Shroyer getting cursed at by the young girl quickly went viral on Thursday, as the young girl called him a "f*cking idiot" when he referred to her as a "young man."

Watch Shroyer's defensive reaction to being cursed at by the girl below.