WATCH: Florida man pulls a gun on a driver in a fight over fuel at local gas station
A man holds a gun during a fight over gasoline at a Florida Mobil station (Screen cap).

A video posted on social media Wednesday night showed a Florida man at a local gas station pulling a gun on a driver in an apparent fight over gasoline.

Miami New Times reports that the video was filmed at a Mobil gas station in Miami, where many drivers were scrambling to fill up so they could evacuate the state.

The woman who filmed the video told Miami New Times that she was trying to exit the gas station herself when the car involved in the dispute blocked her way out.

As the car was blocking her way, another man in the area pulled out a gun and pointed it at the car's driver.

"The guy was mad and impulsive and pulled out the gun, immediately regretting it afterwards," the woman tells Miami New Times. "He drove away speeding."

It is unclear at this time if the incident was ever reported to the Miami Police Department.

Watch the video below.