WATCH: Furious Kimmel demands GOP 'stop using my name' if they keep trying to strip healthcare from millions
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: Screen capture)

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday torched the GOP’s latest effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, and took particular issue with one of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) for “lying to [his] face” when he established the so-called “Jimmy Kimmel test.”

Kimmel made headlines in May with an emotional monologue after revealing his son was born with a congenital heart condition. He appealed to lawmakers to ensure every child would be able to receive the care his son received in his infancy. Cassidy took it upon himself to insist all future healthcare bills pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test.”

“He wasn’t very honest,” Kimmel said Tuesday of Cassidy’s pledge.

“This new bill actually does pass the ‘Jimmy Kimmel test’, but a different ‘Jimmy Kimmel test.’” Kimmel continued. “With this one, your child with a preexisting condition will get the care he needs if, and only if, his father is Jimmy Kimmel.”

Kimmel pointed out that Cassidy’s bill is actually worse than the original plan the GOP senator spoke out against. He also accuse Republicans of trying to “sneak this scam of a bill in.”

“Healthcare is complicated, it’s boring, I don’t want to talk about it,” Kimmel said. “… That’s what these guys are relying on. We’re all just looking at our Instagram accounts and ‘liking’ things while they’re voting on whether people can keep their children alive or not.”

“This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied right to my face,” Kimmel said, playing a clip of his interview with Cassidy.

To detractors arguing Kimmel is using his son for political reasons, Kimmel charged, “I am politicizing my son’s health problems, because I have to.”

“You can shove your disgusting comments where your doctor won’t be giving you a prostate exam once they take your health benefits away,” Kimmel said.

The late night host then directed Cassidy to “stop using my name” if he’s going to continue trying to take healthcare away from millions of people.

Watch Kimmel’s passionate plea below, via ABC: