WATCH: Harvey flood victim returns to find 9-foot alligator in Houston home
Four men carry a nine-foot alligator out of a Humble, Texas home that flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

Harris County deputy constables and Wildernex Wildlife Control removed a nine-foot alligator from a Texas home that flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

"Homeowner Brian Foster found a large expected guest hanging out in his Humble house Friday morning after bringing crews in to clean up after the flood," KTRK reports. "As they were walking around to tour the damage, they noticed a 9-foot gator in the dining room."

Foster lives near Lake Houston in Humble, Texas.

"If you encounter a gator in the water, leave it alone. Under normal circumstances, it should find its way home as water recedes," KTRK reminded. "If you think the alligator poses a threat to your safety, contact authorities for further assistance."

The alligator was put in the bed of a pickup truck. The gator will be released into its natural habitat.

Watch the KTRK report: