WATCH: Obama predicted Trump would dismantle his legacy — but he was wrong about one thing
Former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump (Composite / Rawstory)

On Nov. 2, 2016, just days before Donald Trump was elected president, former President Barack Obama joined “Tom Joyner Morning Show” to discuss what might happen if Hillary Clinton lost.

“I guarantee you he’ll dig up Michelle’s garden,” Obama worried of a then-far-fetched reality where Trump took control of the White House. “You think I’m joking? And they’d reverse all the work that’s been done.”

Obama wasn’t joking, and in the nine months since Inauguration Day, Trump has moved to systematically dismantle his predecessors’ accomplishments. From announcing the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement, to trying (and by all accounts failing) to repeal and replace ObamaCare, Trump has made it abundantly clear, as Ta-Nehisi Coates writes in next month’s Atlantic, “the foundation of [his] presidency is the negation of Barack Obama's legacy.

But as First Lady Melania Trump on Friday harvested and replanted the vegetable garden originally rooted by Michelle Obama, and encouraged children to “eat a lot of vegetables and fruit,” it became clear that, at least in this one small area, Obama’s legacy is here to stay.

That said, the Trump administration has already moved to undo Obama-era guidelines on healthy eating, so the garden appears to be a purely symbolic victory for the former administration.

Watch Obama worry about the fate of Michelle Obama’s garden below, via Twitter: