Watch the smile melt off of Kellyanne Conway's face as Fox News host reads breaking Trump tweet on NFL
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's hopes for discussion about policy were dashed during a Fox News interview on Wednesday when President Donald Trump once again tweeted about protests in the NFL, forcing her to respond on live television.

Fox & Friends hosts began the interview by lobbying easy questions at Conway about Trump's obsession with NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. But with just 30 seconds left in the segment, Trump broke news with his latest tweet about the NFL.

"We just got a brand new tweet!" Fox News host Brian Kilmeade announced, interrupting his co-host's question.

Conway responded to the news by grinning ear-to-ear.

But as co-host Abby Huntsman read the tweet, Conway's smiled turned into a look of concern.

"It seems like he's going to stay on this topic," Huntsman pointed out. "A lot of critics are saying there's so much on his plate right now, we've got to move on, this is a distraction. But it seems like he's doing the opposite of that."

Conway noted that the president had defended himself by saying, "Look, I work all the time. I can do many things at once."

"I think, some folks who cover the president for a living only focus on one or two things at a time," she added. "We should reflect upon that."

Watch the video below.