White supremacist fired after tricking Arkansas cafe into hosting a right-wing extremist meetup
Former Mean Bean Cafe employee Billy Roper holding neo-Nazi flags at his former place of employment (images via Boston Mountains ARA/Facebook).

An Arkansas man told his boss he wanted to use the cafe she owned to host a meeting for the "conservative group" he was a member of -- and once she found out they were flying Nazi flags, she sent him packing.

According to local news station KNWA, Billy Roper, a former employee at Conway, Arkansas' Mean Bean Cafe, was fired by owner Dawnel Verkler after images of him hosting a neo-Nazi meeting in her shop were posted by the anti-racist Boston Mountains ARA group on their Facebook page.

"Recently, a long time employee asked if our business could be used after hours for a political meeting of a conservative group," Verkler wrote on Mean Bean's Facebook page. "We questioned the employee in detail about the purposes of the gathering and we were assured that no extremist or other hateful views would be exchanged as we do not condone that."

She went on to write that her "mistake was trusting an employee, who in hindsight, should not have been trusted."

"We are appalled that the employee hijacked our business to provide a platform for hate and we absolutely denounce it and all forms of hate," the statement read.

Boston Mountains ARA, the group that posted the images taken inside the cafe, linked to a Southern Poverty Law Center report on the now-fired Roper that claimed he is "the uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism." He has reportedly worked to "unify" hate groups for years, and is of the "Identitarian" ideology that believes in "protecting" white people by committing genocide against all other races.

You can read Boston Mountains ARA's and Mean Bean's posts below.