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Billy Crystal takes down Ed. Secretary DeVos: ‘You should have an education before you get that job’



During an interview with Bill Maher Friday, Billy Crystal talked about traveling the country and how things have changed since President Donald Trump was elected.

He noted that in many venues people can bring guns, which is noticeably different since his previous tours. “I thought cell phones were a problem,” he half-joked.

Crystal mentioned “my old friend” Howard Cosell, a former sports reporter known for being arrogant and verbose while giving color commentary on games. “He was once voted the most loved and the most hated man on television in the same poll,” Crystal explained. “So, he’s very similar to the guy running the show right now.”

Crystal said that it would be hilarious to see someone like Cosell reporting on the play-by-play at the White House, because his take-no-prisoners attitude is exactly what is needed.

“So, I started riffing on it,” Crystal said before going into a sports announcer voice. “Let’s look at this cabinet up close and personal… Let’s start with Betsy DeVos: education. One should actually have an education before you get that job. Then there’s Vice President Mike Pence. This guy looks like someone who chased one of the Von Trapp children into the Alps.”


Crystal said that one night, during that part of his comedy set a woman stood up to scream “honor the president!” She immediately got booed. Crystal shot back that he would honor the president when the president honors every American. She refused to quiet her chants. He told her that he appreciated that she respected the president and respected her for it. “But I’m going to use his own words on you: Get her out.”

Maher revealed that he would not have been as kind because he sees the president as one of the most vulgar people. He then asked Crystal to describe his most “insensitive Trump moment.”

“It’s when he doesn’t say something that it’s so awful,” Crystal explained, specifically citing Holocaust Remembrance Day, when Trump didn’t mention the Jews as part of his message.


He also didn’t like the taunting of people like Little Marco and Rocket Man, saying he’s a “little guy” so he hates it when people taunt him “But this guy has missiles! Just shut the f*ck up!”

Watch the full conversation below:

Billy Crystal riffs on Betsy DeVos: 'One should… by sarahburris

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The island, which has been called "pedophile island" by locals, had "topless women everywhere.

"There were photos of topless women everywhere," said contractor Steve Scully, who began working for Epstein in 1999 and continued for six years. "On his desk, in his office, in his bedroom."

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Stephen Colbert mocks Eric Trump in a way that must be seen to be believed



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The moment came after Colbert played a clip of the young Trump child saying that 95 percent of the United States supports him, the camera cut to Colbert doing his Eric impression.

"I've got big gums, and I cannot lie," Colbert said.

"Yeah, 95, guys, I'm tellin' ya," Colbert said, pretending to be Eric with his lips curled up.

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Two men, one white one Black, in the group said they supported Trump and probably would again because business was good. Two women in the group lamented that Trump's racism was hurtful for the country.

"I just go back to values," the older women said. "I value treating people with dignity. And if there is anything that is incongruent with those values, then I'm not for that. So I'm not going to put profit over my values."

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