Ex-CIA director James Woolsey says being thrown under the bus ‘unfortunate yet predictable’
James Woolsey and Michael Flynn (Photos: Screen capture and GOP.com)

Thursday, Reuters published a story claiming that former CIA director James Woolsey was advising President Donald Trump's campaign when he proposed a plan to discredit Turkish cleric.

"Ambassador Woolsey and his wife have responded to every request, whether from the FBI, or more recently the Office of the Special Counsel," a spokesperson for Woolsey told Rachel Maddow Friday.

"Ambassador Woolsey and his wife have been in communication with the FBI regarding the September 19, 2016 meeting Ambassador Woolsey was invited to attend by one of General Flynn's business partners," the statement continues. "It is unfortunate, yet predictable, that in an effort to defend themselves, certain individuals have attempted to impugn the Woolsey's integrity in the media."

Reuters has not indicated who their source was on their story, but Woolsey's statement seems to indicate that it could be someone involved with Flynn. Woolsey reinforced that he's already revealed everything he knows to special counsel Robert Mueller as part of the investigation against Flynn.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is expected to report on the story during her Friday episode.