Far-right Trump aide refused to befriend Latino and took it ‘personally’ when classmates spoke Spanish: report
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

Stephen Miller, the far-right Trump White House aide known for his hard-line immigration views, reportedly has a long history of race baiting Latinos dating all the way back to high school.

In New York Times profile of Miller, some of his former high school classmates claim that he was overtly hostile to Latino students, and would get angry at them for speaking Spanish to one another in hallways.

"He tended to make some of the Spanish language stuff very personal,” classmate Moises Castillo told the Times. "There was a 'if you’re not speaking English, perhaps you should go somewhere else.'"

Jason Islas, another former classmate of Miller's, tells the Times that Miller one time even cited Islas' Latino heritage as a reason that the two of them could not be friends.

"He mentioned my Latino heritage as one of the reasons," Islas said. "I remember coming away from the conversation being like, 'O.K., that’s that.'"

The White House disputed this particular account, although it couldn't dispute an old student newspaper editorial that Miller wrote in which he attacked bilingual morning announcements before questioning why there were "usually very few, if any, Hispanic students in my honors classes, despite the large number of Hispanic students that attend our school."

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