FLASHBACK: Watch Kellyanne Conway refuse to hug Mark Halperin -- after she hugs all other men on his show
Kellyanne Conway hugs John Heilmann as Mark Halperin watches (Showtime/screen grab)

Then-Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway refused to hug journalist Mark Halperin on his Showtime documentary series, an incident that could be more significant in light of the recent sexual allegations against the longtime political reporter.

This week five women came forward to say they had been sexually harassed, groped or otherwise mistreated by Halperin. Following the news, other women also revealed similar experiences.

The revelations add context to an incident following the election in which Conway declined to hug Halperin on his Showtime series The Circus after she enthusiastically hugged co-host John Heilmann and Mark McKinnon.

Watch the clip below.