Fox & Friends hosts instruct Trump to 'call Jeff Sessions' and tell him to probe 'the real Russia story'
Fox and Friends (Screengrab)

Steve Doocy and the cast of Fox & Friends on Friday urged Donald Trump to direct Jeff Sessions to investigate what the president dubbed as “the real Russia story.”

During an Oval Office meeting with Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rossello on Thursday, Trump accused the “mainstream media” of ignoring a controversial 2010 uranium sale to Russia, approved by the Obama administration. Fox News host Sean Hannity has likewise called it “the biggest scandal—or, at least, one of them—in American history.”

Fox News justice correspondent Jeanine Pirro on Friday told the Fox & Friends hosts the president’s characterization of the uranium sale is exactly correct.

“The big Russia story is the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton, because of her position as secretary of state, were able to cash in on one of the biggest and one of the largest scandals that involved the United States and another foreign country, which just happens to be Russia,” Pirro argued.

“If the president were watching right now, all he has got to do to fix one of the things that's a problem for you, is all he has got to do is call Jeff Sessions and say ‘Mr. Attorney General, you need to go ahead, and the guy who is in the nondisclosure agreement, no reason to have that anymore,” Doocy said. “Tell us who it is, and have him testify.’

“This is the best way to get to the bottom of this story, by him doing that,” Doocy added.

Watch below: