Georgia school makes sixth-graders create Nazi mascots -- and parents are furious
Georgia school assigns Nazi mascot homework (Screengrab /

School officials in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are investigating a sixth-grade teacher who asked her students to draw a Nazi mascot as part of a class homework assignment, reports.

According to the assignment, students were asked to envision “the year is 1935 and you have been tasked with creating a mascot to represent the Nazi party at its political rallies.”

“Think about all of the information you have learned about Hitler and the Nazi party,” the assignment directed. “You will create a COLORFUL illustration of the mascot. Give the mascot a NAME. You will also write an explanation as to why the mascot was chosen to represent the Nazi party.”

Several parents said they thought their children were joking when they showed them their homework. Jamie Brown, whose 11-year son received the assignment, called it “demeaning".

“I don’t understand it, really to be honest, that we’re actually creating a mascot for an individual that murdered thousands of people,” Brown told Fox 5. “I guess I’m the voice for the voiceless, for the kids that can’t question the authority of the teacher, can’t question the legitimacy of the assignment that’s given out".

“At this point, I think a formal apology should be handed out, and the teacher involved should be reprimanded,” he added. “From this day forward, I will be checking every homework assignment coming home from Shiloh Middle School.”

The president of the NAACP Atlanta chapter Richard Rose expressed similar confusion over the assignment.

"When you think about a mascot for something, you think it's a good thing -- mascot for your college, mascot for your high school. This is nothing to celebrate," he told WSB-TV Atlanta.

A spokesperson for the school said the homework was given in a social studies class, during a lesson on Nazism and propaganda.

“This assignment is not a part of the approved materials provided by our Social Studies department and is not appropriate and the school is addressing the use of this assignment with the teacher,” district spokeswoman Sloan Roach told

Watch the video below, via Fox 5:

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