'Go get a job': Bill Murray brutally rejects man who tried make a paltry $3 donation to Puerto Rico
Actor Bill Murray signs autographs in exchange for donations to Puerto Rico (Screen cap via TMZ).

Actor Bill Murray over the weekend signed autographs for fans on the condition that they also each made $20 donations that would be sent to fund hurricane relief for Puerto Rico.

As TMZ reports, however, Murray got upset when one man approached him and tried to get away with making only a $3 donation in exchange for an autograph.

In a video posted by the website, Murray can be seen autographing a wide range of paraphernalia in exchange for $20 donations, including a Saturday Night Live DVD box and a Ghostbusters toy car.

However, when Murray gets to one autograph seeker who only has $3 on hand, he stops short and mocks the man for trying to get away with short-changing the hurricane relief effort.

"Three dollars?" Murray asked incredulously. "OK, go get a job and come back."

Watch the video below.