Goofy champion Austin Rogers loses Jeopardy but wins the Internet after he gets Trebek to say 'dick tree'
Jeopardy champion Austin Rogers (Photo: Screen capture)

Silly genius Austin Rogers' Jeopardy reign came to an end Thursday night, much to the chagrin of viewers who appreciated his goofy antics. However, he managed to go out with quite a bang.

During Double Jeopardy, Rogers requested the category "tree for $2000." The answer was "a slang term for a detective." The question was supposed to be a type of tree that could also be something else. In this case a "gum tree" because a detective is also called a "gum shoe." Rogers hesitated, but said it anyway, "What is a dic?" He was thinking of the short term for detective, often heard in the film series "Ace Ventura."

Host Alex Trebek replied that the answer was wrong and noted, "I know nothing about a dick tree."

The internet went nuts, delivering a hilarious end to a spectacular term on Jeopardy for Rogers and even speculating on some conspiracy theories surrounding the loss. You can see some of the most amusing and immature tweets below: