Hallie Jackson swats down Trump’s demand for NBC to apologize over Tillerson ‘moron’ remark
MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson (Screen capture)

MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson blistered President Donald Trump after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's press conference on Wednesday.

Trump -- who was traveling to Las Vegas in the wake of Sunday night's horrific mass shooting -- tweeted from Air Force One that Tillerson's press conference proved NBC's reporting that Tillerson called him a "moron" at a Pentagon meeting was "fake news."

"The president says the story has been totally refuted, calling it 'fake news,'" said Jackson. "Let's just point out a couple of critical issues."

"Secretary Tillerson did not refute directly that he, in fact, called the president a moron in earshot of others," she noted. "The secretary didn't refute that. The secretary also did not refute that he perhaps threatened to resign, only saying that he 'never seriously considered it.'"

She added, "This is based on conversations between Carol Lee, Kristen Welker, others in our organization with all facets of the administration, multiple sources here. We are very comfortable in this reporting that there is tension -- or had been tension -- between the president and secretary of state."

Watch the video, embedded below: