Infamously undecided voter Ken Bone is now firmly anti-Trump because of president's non-stop 'crying'
One-time viral sensation Ken Bone at CPAC in April 2017 (image via Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons).

In the year since he became an unlikely meme, it's been easy to forget about the existence of Ken Bone, the undecided voter who became a viral sensation during a debate between then-candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last October.

In the interim, information about his Reddit browsing history and attendance at the Conservative Political Action Conference have briefly made headlines, but Bone has infamously never admitted who he voted for.

Now, on the year anniversary of becoming one of the weirdest memes of the 2016 election, Bone has admitted to CNN that he's not at all pleased with the man whose economic style he once praised on the campaign trail.

“Overall, I’m very unhappy with what I see," Bone told CNN.

He's become staunchly anti-Trump since Trump took office, criticizing him on everything from the Muslim ban ("How could that realistically keep anyone safer?") to the administration's anti-transgender policies.

"Can transgender people go into the bathroom of the sex they see themselves as?" Bone said of the latter. "Why not? Who freaking cares?”

Trump relationship to the media caused Bone to be at his most verbose.

"The leader of the free world should probably be focusing a little bit more on the country, and less about crying about fake news," he said. "That's one thing I really, really hate, is when Trump is like, ‘Oh, fake news is at it again. Fake news CNN.’ Why do you care? You know?"

Read the entire interview via CNN.