'It's a mystery': Reporters tell MSNBC's Ari Melber the White House refuses to say what Ivanka does

New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen and freelance journalist Hannah Seligson on Monday expressed confusion over the role of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, explaining White House officials have declined numerous opportunities to explain the first daughter’s job description.

"Seligson wondered which members Trump’s administration are being “[implicated] to lie for him and stand in for him?”"

“How much is [Ivanka] lying for her father?" Seligson asked. “How much does she have to put on a front to hold up Trump's lies?”

Seligson explained Ivanka’s lawyer original said “she was going to be the eyes and ears of the administration,” but since taking a role in the White House, “she's backed away, saying, ‘I'm staying in my lane.’”

“What I’ve heard from other reporters is they have to get through army of lawyers and PR people to get access to Ivanka,” Seligson said. “That’s the difficulty in covering her.”

“Not only do we not know what Ivanka’s qualifications for serving in White House are, but really have no idea of her job description is,” Rosen offered. “[Seligson] asked the White House, ‘Can you just tell us what Ivanka does?’ [The White House] refused to reply. It's amazing, like a palace.”

“No one would go on the record to give me her job description is,” Seligson explained.

“It’s ridiculous,” Melber replied.

“It’s a mystery,” Rosen said.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

Disclosure: This reporter attended New York University’s media criticism program and has attended a lecture by Jay Rosen.