John Oliver compares supporting Alabama's Roy Moore to endorsing 'a swarm of smallpox-infected bees'
HBO's John Olver and Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore (Screen capture)

On Sunday night, after HBO's John Oliver eviscerated President Donald Trump's "just don't take opiates" campaign, he turned to Alabama, "the south's 'the south.'"

Twice-unseated former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is running for senator after beating Trump-endorsed candidate Luther Strange in the Republican primary for a special election on December 12th.

Moore, said Oliver, "is a lot." From his bigoted positions on race to his desire to see homosexual behavior criminalized, Moore is far, far afield of the views of mainstream Americans.

"Luckily, Republicans in the House and Senate have roundly condemned both Moore and his views," said Oliver, then revealed that he's "obviously kidding. He just jumped into a fund-raising agreement with the RNC and multiple Republican senators are actively fund-raising on his behalf."

This just proves that Republicans will sign off on anyone who agrees to fight the Democrats, Oliver said, including "a swarm of smallpox-infected bees."

He predicted that Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) would shrug if asked and say, "Sen. All Those Bees is a reliable vote on tax cuts. I support the nominee of my party."

Watch the video, embedded below: