John Oliver: Trump's Iran policy is like 'a scared monkey in a submarine randomly pushing buttons'
HBO's John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight' (Screen capture)

On Sunday's edition of "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver jabbed President Donald Trump's complete ignorance and "incoherence" with regards to the Iran nuclear deal.

First, Oliver pointed out that Trump's executive order killing federal subsidies to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will not only result in fewer Americans having health coverage, it will cost the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.

"The problem is, Republicans are playing checkers while Trump is playing Chex," said Oliver. "That's right, Chex, the game of stress-eating Chex Mix because you do not understand your job."

Trump decertified the Iran nuclear deal in spite of the fact that his advisers warned against it, the other signees in the agreement warned against it and, by all indications, the Iranians have held up their side of the deal.

Now, Iranian officials are wondering if U.S. agreements can ever be honored again if they're only going to last until the term of the current president.

"And that is a huge problem. Countries need to know that America will honor its agreements because if they don't, that's going to be an issue, no matter who the next president is," said Oliver.

Trump's decision is "equal parts dangerous and bizarre," Oliver said.

"Look, as foreign policies go, this is incoherent. You can't call it realism or idealism or neo-liberalism," he said. "You can barely even call it foreign policy. Honestly, the thing it's closest to is a scared monkey in a submarine, randomly pushing buttons."

"And sure," he went on, "that might be fun to watch until it suddenly hits you, 'Oh, shit! We're all on the submarine with that f*cking monkey."

Watch the video, embedded below: